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Global Peace Partners, Inc. d.b.a. Care Convoy is a Registered 501(c)(3) Charity of the State of Idaho, USA.
Idaho     Tel: 208-490-0011
Georgia Tel: 706-206-6719

Todd D. Jaynes, Executive Director

Todd D. Jaynes, MBA

Mr. Jaynes is an expert in business startup, development and management.   He has started developed and/or managed 4 businesses.  In 1995 he started Desert Rain Sprinklers in Hurricane Ut. as a DBA of Jaynes Management Systems Inc.  Within 2 years the company had a 17 people on its payroll and over $1 million in sales.  The company sold in year 3. 

After a year as an intern with J. Rubin Steel in Rockford Ill. He returned to the west to work briefly for Pahrump Fire and Rescue before being recruited by The City of Mesquite Nevada to combine their Fire Department and their Ambulance departments.  Not only did he accomplish this he was able to upgrade thier service from and ILS service to an ALS service, increase the number of full time staff, and improve both the level of fire and ambulance service provided to the community. 

He was also a Flight medic with Flight For Life with Valley Hospital.  Jerome County then hired him to develop their EMS system which he did in less than 1 year.  Commissioners from Lincoln County Idaho recruited him to design, develop, and implement a County run EMS system which he did and is still the director other the ambulance taxing district.  In less that 2 weeks he was able to incorporate, get pertinent paperwork and apply for a multi $million contract to provide EMT’s and Doctors for the urgent care on Mountain Home Air force Base.  The contract is still being determined. 

Todd has over the last 3 years in addition to the above accomplishments, built, tested, and proved a gasifier and with the help of his team developed a business plan, proformas, and other parts needed to take commercialize the idea.  This project is to the point where after the demo plant is operational we will be able to build and operate commercial plants world wide. 

Todd has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Asian Studies from Weber State University and an MBA from University f Phoenix. 

Todd has done internships with Morton international in their Asian Programs and with J Rubin Steel in their management program. 

Over the past 6 years he has built Care Convoy which averages over $2.5 million a year in delivered medical, fire, and rescue supplies to the USA and around the world. 

He is also in Senior management For JMS inc., BioGreen Inc, Professional Security inc., Global Peace Partners Inc. and Care Convoy.  

Meet the Team 

Dan Moody
A passion for peace has been Dan's focus for decades.  He has a genuine interest in people, has used that interest to work for reconciliation across countless religious, racial, and financial boundaries, and has done so in many practical ways.  Dan has the ability to work with almost any situation and group of people, whether those people are prison inmates, members of street gangs, churches or synagogues or mosques---or elected public servants in Congress and the White House​​

Though Dan has served as an ordained minister who was exceptionally well-respected by his congregation, he is most comfortable with real-life interactions and works with people across all denominational barriers.  In founding a large prison ministry, in working with government representatives to bring aid to Africa, in effectively working with gang members, and traveling to the front lines of a war zone, Dan has continued to effectively relate and interact with all he meets.

Founder & Vice President
" Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.
Wesley Chenoweth
Wes Chenoweth is a Liberian native currently residing in Athens, Georgia. Wes is an Engineer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian.  In 1980, Wes and his family moved to the United States to escape a brutal civil war in Liberia, he was only 4 years old.  His family moved to Queens, New York City where he grew up.  A graduate of Syracuse University, Mr. Chenoweth studied Civil Engineering, but always maintained a love for business and humanitarian work.  His father, the late Rev. Wesley Oscar Chenoweth, was a Methodist Pastor and successful business owner in Queens.   They say "the apple does not fall too far from the tree. " 

Wes joined Global Peace Partners in 2009 while answering the call for volunteers by Dan Moody.  Wes was introduced to Todd Jaynes of Care Convoy and has been active in both organizations since then.  While starting out as a volunteer, Wes has assisted with loading up containers, sending shipments to Africa and Mexico, capacity building, marketing, administration, and more.  Wes has taken on the roles of Administrative Director, Technical Director and is now the East Coast Director of Care Convoy, steering our new location in Athens, Georgia.  
East Coast Director
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?
---Martin Luther King, Jr.