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Global Peace Partners, Inc. d.b.a. Care Convoy is a Registered 501(c)(3) Charity of the State of Idaho, USA.
Idaho     Tel: 208-490-0011
Georgia Tel: 706-206-6719
Order a Shipment
  1. Setup a Conference Call with Care Convoy
    Once we receive an initial contact from you showing interest in ordering a shipment of medical supplies & equipment, we will setup a conference call with our Executive Director and/or Branch Managers.
  2. Shipment of Container to Recipient
    Once Remaining Balance has been satisfied by the recipient, the container will be shipped to the destination.
  3. Discuss Logistics & Shipping Costs
    We will need to agree on covering the costs for Logistics and Shipping. Logistics is a fee equivalent to pennies on the dollar of the value of the equipment & supplies. This covers our expenses on collection, moving, storage, labor, etc.
  4. Verify Shipment Inventory
    Recipient is to verify the shipment inventory and create an inventory to compare with packing manifest from Care Convoy
  5. Sign M.O.U Agreement
    The next step is to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) Agreement. This will detail all the expectations of each party for the order and ensure both parties are clear on what the other party is going to do.
  6. Provide Feedback
    Recipient to provide feedback and pictures of the order as well as proof of distribution to end user, clinic, fire station, school, etc.
  7. Secure Funding Deposit for Shipment
    Once we have an agreement has been reached by both parties and MOU signed. Funding of Half the Agreed Amount is to be issued to Care Convoy. The Remaining Balance is to be satisfied once the Container is loaded and sent to the Port to be shipped.
  8. Letter of Recommedation / Testimonial
    Once the order has been completed, verified and received, Care Convoy asks the recipient to please create a letter of recommendation to Care Convor or provide a testimonial for our social media and website. Thank You!
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