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Global Peace Partners, Inc. d.b.a. Care Convoy is a Registered 501(c)(3) Charity of the State of Idaho, USA.
Idaho     Tel: 208-490-0011
Georgia Tel: 706-206-6719
Please fill out the form if you would like to sponsor Care Convoy to send a shipment of medical supplies & equipment, fire & rescue equipment, school desks, or emergency vehicles to a country or facility that needs it most.  

We need sponsors who can help us finance truck shipments on the drive from Idaho to Mexico or to sponsor all or portion of a container shipment to a poor nation, especially in case of disasters.  Our sponsors also help locally here in the USA in cases of a disabled or sick child or elderly who needs a scooter or medical supplies.  Our sponsors support our events by covering the costs of venues or food.  This helps us to focus on fundraising and inviting as many people as we can.  Our sponsors may cover costs of truck rental in order to pickup and collect items far away from our offices.  Sponsors can support our costs of storage units and warehousing.  We are in dire need of a large warehouse at this time. 

Thank you and we welcome your sponsorship with Care Convoy.


Todd Jaynes, 
Executive Director.